Mixed Blessings: A Stomach Bug

Hola familia!  I havent written in a while due to a couple reasons.  One, I’ve been insanely busy with work, college classes, and livin.  Two, I haven’t been very dedicated to dieting and/or healthy living since spring break.  While some get alcohol poisoning on spring break, I’ve been at risk of getting burrito poisoning ever since.

You read that right.  I had a flour tortilla relapse and believe me, I feel the weight of it.  Fortunately, if you want to see it that way, I have been throwing up the last 24 or so hours which means those pounds are flying off!  Not really but I’m at least not gaining.

Thats basically all thats been going on lately but things are-a-changin tomorrow.  Ill say more tomorrow as I dont want to jinx it.  But its gonna take up a lot of my time and keep me from being a couch potato so that has to be good.

More Later.  Thanks for the read!


Flour Tortillas: A Love Story

I’ve never been married but that’s not to say I’ve never known love.  I’m not talking about that frivolous kind of love that you see every where these days.  We’re talking Noah and Allie, Notebook kinda love.  That kind of love that you want to post on Facebook about constantly so that everyone else can know how happy the two of you are.  Its a special feeling.

I’ve been in love a few times in my life but no love has ever reached the depths that flour tortillas and I have.  They’re so versatile that it’s hard to not love them.  I remember our first days together when I thought beef tacos a  la Taco Bell was all she had to offer.  I was so young and foolish.

I’ll never forget where I was the first time I heard the word barbacoa.  I was in San Angelo at one of the many burrito places the city has to offer.  My life has never been the same.  Barbacoa has literally made me more of a man.  The doctor didn’t have to tell me my heart was in trouble because everyone knew it.  My sweaty palms, shallow breaths, and red face were all telltale signs.

You know its love when they’re the first thing you think about in the morning.  I’m a little embarrassed to admit how many nights I spent eating flour tortillas only to wake up and have more for breakfast.  It wasn’t always the classy 5 dollar burritos you see at a restaurant either.  Sometimes it was just whatever cheap burrito I could find at the corner store that part of you knew had just been heated up in a microwave.  

I’d like to say we lived happily ever after but, unfortunately, some love stories just aren’t meant to be.  Some relationships are just too toxic to continue.  It doesnt mean that either party is necessarily bad its just that you aren’t good together.  We’ve been in an on and off again relationship for thirty or so years.  Thats what has made the last three weeks so difficult.

I haven’t had a flour tortilla in 21 days.  Thats not to say I haven’t thought about them.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about them all the way through my taco salad earlier today.  I’d like to say it gets easier but it would ring too hollow.  Whats truly hard is that I know we could compromise with corn tortillas but it just wouldnt be the same.  

Right now I need to work on me.  I’m down 12 pounds now and I’m not nearly as emotionally worn out as I had been while we were together.  I’m really trying to work on myself as a person.  I weighed a flat 200 pounds today and couldn’t help but think about the bright times to come.  

If you happen to see my old flame around please dont blame her or treat her differently.  Just tell her Im well and that I wish the same for her.

Life and Times of Chubby Chubberson

I have always written about almost everything I’ve gone through.  When I got sick a few years ago, I wrote about it and it really helped me deal with everything.  Ever since then, I let my mind wander away from healthy living.  That’s what this blog is gonna be about: me trying to find a way to eat healthy and live a healthy life again.
About five years ago I weighed what at the time was a monstrous amount for me.  I buckled down, did P90x and then insanity and lost somewhere around 40 pounds.  It was a total lifestyle change.  I stayed down weight wise for quite awhile but I still wasn’t what you would call healthy.  I had developed a very unhealthy view of myself.  If I was an ounce over 150 I felt like a whale.  I was still eating as unhealthy as ever but just smaller amounts.  That coupled with extreme exercise made me think I was in the best shape of my life.

I was pushing myself harder and harder and not taking care of myself.  I stopped teaching so that I could go back to school to be a nurse and make more money.  It was part of my new harder lifestyle that didnt see the value in teaching anymore.  

It was during nursing school that I messed up my knee while doing the exercise video TapOut.  I went from being able jog 13 miles at a time to hobbling around the room.  On top of that, I had never taught myself how to eat healthy so my weight gradually went up.  

A few years passed this way.  I was unable to work out and I just steadily gained weight.  I went from 150 to 175 quickly and now I’m over 200.  Nursing didn’t help matters.  I was too busy taking care of others to take care of myself.  For at least the last three years, I have thrown up at least three times a day and had insanely bad acid reflux at night that makes it impossible to sleep.  I’ve also lived off an exorbitant amount of energy drinks just to make up for the lack of energy I had gotten used to.  

Fast forward to me sitting here typing what will be my diet diary for lack of better term.  I’ve only posted once about dieting before in my life and it was a huge embarrassing failure.  I wrote about the whole 30 and how I was gonna do it and change my life.  Well, midway through day one I was three tortillas in and had completely blown any will power I had.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the whole 30 I just couldnt do it.  

For that reason, I waited til I had been eating healthy for a week before I even thought about putting my diet diary online where everyone, or no one for that matter, could read it.  I’m doing really well though and have a lot more energy so I think its safe.  

My old regimen of eating taco bell and downing three energy drinks a day has been replaced, hopefully permanently.  I am using Juice Plus and Plexus together and drinking 100 oz of water a day to clear out my system.  My daily plan looks like this:

I wake up and drink 4 oz cranberry, 2 oz lemon, and a tbsp of apple cider vinegar.  Then I drink a Juice Plus shake. After that I get a shower and go for a walk before work.  Around ten, I take my Juice Plus vitamins after I’ve had enough water.  30 minutes before lunch I drink the Plexus slim drink and then for lunch I eat a salad with smoked chicken, almonds, cranberries, and carrots.  When I get home from work I go ahead and drink my Juice Plus shake and take my Plexus pills.  AFter all that’s done I go back up to the gym and walk some more. Its pretty boring but its my life right now.

I havent needed my acid reflux medicine in three days which is great cuz it gets expensive.  I’ve been free from fast food for a week now and my weight has already gone down from the all time high of 212 to 203.

My goal is totally different this time as I try to become healthier than it was when I did p90x.  I may have looked healthy back then but I really want to be healthy now.  I want to be gluten free, dairy free, and whatever else free.  I just want to feel better and I already do.  I was sleeping 12 hours a night because I was depressed about how I looked and felt and I’m already back to just sleeping 8 hours or so and waking up ready to go.  

I dont know how often I’ll post because, I think I forgot to say it, I am back to teaching and it keeps me busy.  I am so totally blessed by the group of kids I have this year.  I couldn’t do it without each and every one of them.  I’m also getting my Masters in Education so that I can be a counselor.  I’m also beginning to look into becoming a foster parent so I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire.  I hope the day finds you well and thanks for reading!